Thurston PUD is actively seeking to expand our services to the public. The PUD would like to manage and acquire water systems. If you are interested, and would like to be free from the increasingly complicated regulations and financial challenges of water system management and ownership, please contact us. We would be very pleased to discuss how we can help you manage and operate your system as your Certified Operator, or how your water system can become part of the Thurston County PUD water system.

We feel we serve the customers in a way that only a public agency is able to do. We provide reliable service at the lowest possible cost to the consumer without a profit motive. Wherever possible, we spread the costs of managing and operating water systems over our 155 water systems so that major system upgrades, replacements, and major economic costs for smaller systems are spread across many systems, making these costs affordable to everyone.

When the occasion or need arises to make capital improvements to any of our systems, we, as a public utility, have the capability to finance at the most favorable rates possible. Our tools include revolving fund safe drinking water loans, public works trust fund loans and municipal bond financing. Federal and state grants are also available to Thurston PUD which can often make a huge reduction in capital improvement costs.

Three elected Thurston County PUD Commissioners govern the PUD. Everything that we do is open to public scrutiny. The customer has a direct impact on our rate setting process through open public hearings conducted by an elected Board of Commissioners.

The advantages for you to allow the PUD to own, operate and maintain your water system are addressed below:

  • Thurston PUD was officially formed in 1936 by public vote of Thurston County voters and is one of 28 operating PUD’s in the state of Washington.

  • The PUD is a full service water utility. We have staff on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year around. We also have on-call contractors available for emergency repairs.

  • The PUD staff meets routinely with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Ecology (DOE) in order to ensure compliance to all their rules, regulations and guidelines for operating large and small water systems. By doing this, the PUD stays in compliance with the many laws we are obligated to work under. The water customer is relieved of the burden of keeping the system in compliance with the State of Washington laws.

  • The PUD has access to grants and low interest loans for qualified candidates which lower any capital improvement costs.

  • The customer has direct access to the PUD’s Board of Commissioners through public hearings and bi-monthly scheduled Board meetings regarding issues concerning your water system….including the setting of water rates. Your input is very important to the Board of Commissioners in their decision making process.

  • As we acquire more water systems, the economies of scale will improve management efficiencies and keep water rates low.

  • The PUD is a member of the Washington PUD Association. Through this organization, information is shared to enhance our ability to serve the public more effectively and efficiently.

  • Property values are enhanced when utility services are provided by a public utility.

I hope you will call us and that we can serve you. Should you have any questions or require additional information, contact us at 360-357-8783.

John Weidenfeller
General Manager
Thurston PUD